I’m Maria. I am a designer & recent grad from Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Masters program. After freelancing for different clients in UI design and branding, I found myself very interested in understanding design from a user-centered perspective and making design decisions based on research and usability testing. My most recent endeavor as part of the MHCI program was a capstone project with PNC Bank.

Some facts about myself:
  • I was born in Lima, Peru and have lived half of my life outside my home country.
  • Yes, Peruvian food is the best food in the world.
  • Pittsburgh is the 8th city in my “places where I have lived” list, the US being the 4th country.
  • I used to really enjoy drinking dairy milk, until I became lactose intolerant. Now I love soy milk.
  • You can find me wearing green 90% of the time.


Thank you for stopping by!