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For my Studio I class, I was assigned to write a journal for seven days about anything related to design, and then make a book based on those journal entries. The book format had to represent the overall theme or topic of all my entries together.
After reading what I had written, I realized my ideas were all over the place. I then thought of things that are dispersed but can potentially be unified, and so I thought of a fan. You can open it to disperse air or breeze and you can close it and make everything come back together. Perfect.

This fan consists of nine wooden sticks total, two guardsticks and seven for each one of my entries. The sticks are actually paint stirrers, which I used as a surface for each one of my entries. I laid out the text and transferred it onto the wood, making sure they would all fit and create a nice half circle when the fan is opened. The images on the back represent a journal entry each, and they were printed on muslin using an inkjet printer. Finally, I just had to find screwposts to put the fan together, and figure out the folds.

Photos courtesy of Cynthia Gonzalez Espinos